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Imagine that you as an investor could go to one site to see investor presentations from any company (or a fellow investor/fund) with links to their reports? What if you could easily find similar presentations and info from their peers on the same site? And be able to shift from live presentations to live presentations during hectic “reporting days”? No need to investigate if a company had held such presentations and, if so, to try to find it on their, websites. No need to spend time identifying listed peers – and then to once more investigate/try to find.

And what if you could find video presentations with a point of view from fund managers, analysts, industry experts, media, and retail investors on the same site? All in one place – organized specifically for investors. Most listed companies are trying to get noticed in the crowded area of stocks/capital markets. Wouldn’t it be nice to be easily found? Wouldn’t it be nice to increase the number of people following your presentations live and in a recording? And wouldn’t it be nice if anyone investigating any of your peers could easily identify you as a company they should take notice of?

inQrate’s mission is to aggregate and organize presentations for investors – about individual stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, and markets, in general, The name: The name is based on what we – and you – are doing. in for investor and Qrate for curate – we curate (aka finding and organize) investor presentations. inQ for inquiry and rate for .. rate.. you investigate and evaluate. inQrate!

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