Fifax – IPO presentation October 6th 2021

    Fifax - IPO presentation October 6th 2021
    We have a pleasure to welcome Fifax Plc on Wednesday 6 October at 11:00 CET. Fifax’s CEO Samppa Ruohtula will present the company and answers your questions. The event is moderated by Per Dysjaland from Fearnley Securities.
    Fifax is now conducting an IPO to be listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki First North Finland marketplace. The Company aims to collect gross proceeds of approximately EUR 15 million by offering preliminarily a maximum of 5,900,000 new shares of the Company for subscription. The subscription period for new shares is underway, is open to everyone, and lasts until 13 October 2021.
    All the material regarding the IPO and a Norwegian Prospectus Summary is available at: You can also reach Fearnley Securities for more information.
    Fifax in brief
    Fifax is a land-based fish farming company based in Åland Islands, Finland, where it is operating its first facility with the production capacity of 3,200 tons of rainbow trout annually. The company is now looking to expand its production. Fifax utilizes ultra-intensive Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology, based on the principle of an almost completely closed water circulation within the facility, including exceptionally low phosphorus and nitrogen emissions.
    The production method utilized by Fifax uses filtered water pumped from the Baltic Sea, which is continuously purified and recycled utilizing the RAS method. This method aims to reduce the environmental impact compared to the more traditional fish farming methods. In this way, Fifax is able to ensure a controlled growth environment for the fish in clean water all year round. As a result, Fifax is also able to offer its customers a product nearly completely free of antibiotics. Fifax’s use of antibiotics in its production is limited to exceptional circumstances.
    The finished product is today sold mainly in the Finnish and Swedish markets. In the future Fifax is also expecting to take a larger part of the fish processing and branding of its products.

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