Ensurge Micropower (ENSU) – presentation and Q&A September 9 2021

    Ensurge Micropower (ENSU) - presentation and Q&A September 9 2021

    Thursday September 9, 2021 15:00 CET, CEO Kevin Barber of Ensurge Micropower (Ticker : ENSU) will present the company and its solid-state lithium micro battery business via Xtrainvestor . Ensurge Micropower with its location in Silicon Valley California, recently reported strong progress on its solid-state battery operation, and is now forecasting its first samples to customers in Q421. The 1 bn unit market for rechargeable micro batteries is expected to grow at a significant pace over the next few years, and ENSU is uniquely positioned to capture and grow share with its differentiated technology and existing scale up factory. Among the initial markets ENSU is targeting are premium applications where form factor, energy density and lifetimes are critically important such as the hearable and wearable markets, with further growth beyond in the consumer wearables and connected sensors markets. The session will be moderated by Ståle Bjørnstad. 

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