Video Form

Adding a video:
Video title: Use name of company (asset) + ticker in title. If quarterly report use quarter-year – ex: Equinor EQNR Q2-20
1. Choose investment (often stock market)
2. Choose country where the stock (if applicable) is listed
3. Choose industry/industries within sector (search Bloomberg if uncertain)
4. Choose type of presentation (video or audio/
Video type:
Self hosted/external URL: Embed website with video by adding the URL
YouTube: The URL of the video on YouTube
Vimeo: The URL of the video on Vimeo.
Facebook: The URL of the video on Facebook.
Image: The thumpnail of the video – feel free to add logo (if not we use default image)
Description: Anything you want to add, for instance link to text based presentation
Discuss Link: Up to you where to send viewers – name and website. We prefer Xtrainvestor chat and